About Hastee Pay and our mission

Empowering earners

Hastee Pay is the UK's first technology solution that allows employees access to the money they have already earned. This cash-neutral solution helps to attract, retain and engage the best people

We are revolutionising the way people get paid

When people work they earn money. But not being able to access that until payday causes many to experience difficulties in budgeting and financial stress.Worse still, it can drive them into expensive finance, push them into spiralling debt and negatively impact their mental health.

This affects people’s work, reducing both their productivity and, by default, the productivity of their employer.

This is a big problem. Together, we can fix it.

By empowering people with immediate access to the pay they have already earned, we enhance financial freedom and wellbeing.A happier, healthier and more engaged workforce is a more productive one, making a positive impact on an employer’s profitability.

James Herbert – CEO & Founder

Meet our Founder and CTO

James Herbert

Founder & CEO.  A competitive and social person who thrives on a challenge, James is inherently curious, creative and driven. These characteristics, eclectic experience and a desire to create positive and lasting change combined to light the fuse…

Peter Ingram

Our CTO and generally all-round supremo at sorting everything out.  Peter has years of experience disrupting technology from taking Addison Lee from a small taxi firm to the largest private…

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