How Gallowglass became part of the pay revolution.

Case Study

The UK’s largest event crew provider required a simple solution to bolster workforce retention and alleviate the administration involved in pay advances.

Recent studies have revealed that churn rates are becoming tougher to manage for HR teams, so for companies like Gallowglass that rely on a flexible workforce that can be rapidly-mobilised to satisfy the demand of its clients – businesses in the entertainment and live events sectors – this presents a significant challenge.


To ensure it maintains a constant supply of highly skilled workers across all levels, Gallowglass has invested in mobile apps to simplify life for both workers and clients. Two separate apps for crew and clients link directly and confidentially through individual passwords to its back-office systems providing crew and clients with direct access to upcoming jobs. However, retention remained an issue for Gallowglass with the business identifying the need for an additional solution that would keep workers motivated to accept regular event work.

“Hastee Pay has enabled us to give our workforce financial freedom in an increasingly demanding environment. As a result, we’re able to attract and retain a stronger, happier and financially healthier workforce and provide our clients with a consistent supply of high calibre crew members.”
Chris Parry-Jones, Human Resources Director Gallowglass.


The answer came in the form of Hastee Pay’s app-based solution that enables workers to access their wages earned after every shift instead of waiting to be paid on traditional monthly or weekly pay-cycles. Hastee Pay’s back end has been built with expansive Application Programming Interfaces so that it can directly connect with employers’ own systems. Another benefit for Gallowglass was the ease of integration which took just two days, including testing.


Hastee Pay was an attractive proposition because it has no impact on Gallowglass’s cash fl ow and costs the employer nothing. Hastee Pay provides the funding and the service is paid for by the user with a small usage fee applied to each cash out. Everything is settled at the time of the normal payroll and if workers don’t cash out they simply receive their pay as normal and incur no cost. Since adopting Hastee Pay, Gallowglass has noted a major impact on employee satisfaction and retention, with the business experiencing a 42 percent sign-up rate to date and an average cash out of around £50.

Hastee Pay