How do YOU become a destination employer?

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How do YOU become a destination employer?

The Journey to Becoming a Destination Employer


The term ‘destination employer’ is a badge of honour for any business, but one does not simply become a destination employer overnight. Whether a business qualifies as one depends on how jobseekers and your existing staff perceive the business.

If you’re seen as a company that is well known and respected in your industry and people see working for your business as their end goal, then you’re a destination employer. Earning this title should be important to employers because the competition for talent is heating up. Across all industries, the drive to recruit graduates is intensifying with 2019 seeing the highest annual rise in graduate recruitment since 2010. Some industries, such as hospitality and manufacturing, are facing sizeable skills gaps so will be working harder to attract the right talent.

But what do companies without the ‘destination employer’ badge of honour have to do to earn it? From an HR perspective, becoming one comes down to fulfilling three goals which are:


• Creating desirability so that the top talent out there wants to come and work for you

• Keeping your workforce engaged, productive and fulfilled in their roles to prolong a positive working environment

• Retaining your talent so that people don’t just aim to land a job in your business but want to grow their career and help grow your business with it


Wellbeing initiatives and workplace benefits are key to achieving these goals. A carefully curated range of benefits that address workers’ needs is integral to building a positive, productive and rewarding working environment and workplace culture.

Tech giants such as Apple, Facebook and Google are synonymous with the term ‘destination employer’. Between them, these companies offer a colourful range of benefits including free massages, hot meals prepared by professional chefs, dry cleaning services, and even cash to help new parents cover expenses.

But not every business has an HR budget that’s enormous enough to be able to match such benefits. Fortunately, though, companies can implement workplace benefits that have a big impact on workers’ everyday lives for no investment whatsoever.

Take the idea of providing workers with on demand access to a portion of their earnings. This is what Hastee Pay enables employers to do, and in doing so, they give their workers the opportunity to better manage their personal finances, avoiding costly overdrafts, credit cards and payday loans by allowing them to use the money that is rightfully theirs without having to wait until the end of the month. With this one benefit, workers have a fair opportunity at achieving financial freedom. To protect your employees, Hastee Pay caps the early-pay limit at 50% of a month’s salary. This provides a safety buffer for the end of the month. So you’re protected, they’re protected, and you’re both doing your bit to promote healthy, helpful budgeting.

You don’t need to be a tech giant with a multi-billion pound turnover to begin your journey towards becoming a destination employer. With easy-to-implement benefits that have a tangible impact on worker’s daily lives, you can start that journey without any negative impact on your budget or your business cashflow. And while becoming a destination employer won’t happen overnight, you’ll quickly begin to see better results from your efforts to recruit, engage and retain the best talent for your business.

Money and Mental Health Policy Institute

Money and Mental Health

The connection between mental health and work is a very hard topic nowadays. 

It’s just common sense isn’t it; if you are stressed about money then your mental health at work will suffer affecting your performances.  

Hastee is part of the solution allowing people to manage their finances in their own way and not dictated to by societal and cultural norms helping companies to improve the mental health at work. 

We are constantly on the look out for content to share that inspires people to think, act and ultimately improve their financial wellbeing.  

One of those fighting the good fight, is the excellent Martin Lewis who you will know from Money Supermarket fame, but he is also one of the founders of:

The Money and Mental Health Policy Institute.



Money and Mental Health Policy Institute is an independent charity, committed to breaking the link between financial difficulty and mental health problems, something very much close to our hearts. They conduct research, develop practical policy solutions and work in partnership with both those providing services and those using them to find what really works.  

They have an abundance of content accessible to everyone here, so please have a look when you have a moment if you want to improve your, or your teams, mental health at work.



Employee Benefits Live

The Hastee Pay tech, sales and leadership team were out in force at EB Live last week. We had some fun.

For me, it felt like the lights are really starting to turn on for prospects and partners alike. I’m paraphrasing, but I heard words to the effect of: “I get it. This whole disrupting payday thing seems to be here to stay” a lot.



What I found most refreshing, though, was the extent to which exchanges were thoughtful, open-minded and guided by a healthy scepticism. It might sound obvious but the red thread was employee wellbeing and conversations rarely deviated.

And it led to some revelations about personal finance horror stories. Horrors that Hastee Pay would have helped avoid.

And then there’s the diversity. Positivity came from all backgrounds – public and private sector organisations; 2 employees to 10,000+ employees; young workforces to older; high earners and low earners. And that’s exciting – because it’s an indication of the market continuing to expand and the applicability of what we do, more relevant by the day. We’re learning with clients and prospects. And that’s cool.

Final thought: the ExCel is a bloody mile away. I never cease to be amazed by people’s willingness to schlep it across to the docklands!!

We’re based in London but we’re not London-centric so we’ll be at similar events to EB Live up and down the country over the coming weeks and months.

We looking forward to more debates, laughs and learning! Till next time

Words by Johnny – Business Development Director


James on Nick Ferrari @LBC Radio

With Wonga going in to administration, LBC’s Nick Ferrari spoke to James on life after Pay Day loans.

To listen to the full interview click below:

Hastee Pay