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You’ve earned it

We can control nearly every second of our lives using technology, yet we still have to wait until payday for the money we have earned. Until now.
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Worker Benefits

Hastee pay is designed with you in mind:

  • Receive your pay immediately
  • Income smoothing helps to budget and avoid high-cost credit
  • No interest. None.
  • Just a small, fair & simple fee
  • No credit checking
  • This is not debt, it’s your earned pay

  • Discreet & flexible
  • Get paid whenever, wherever you want
  • Hassle-free
  • Automated reconciliation from your payroll
  • Financial freedom
  • Reduce financial stress and focus on what matters

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Hear from someone who uses Hastee Pay

"Hastee Pay has helped me greatly in times of need. I haven't actually come across another third party that facilitates payments as effectively as the app does! It's very efficient and the app is really user friendly with a clear interface making confirming shifts seamless. If it wasn't for the app i would find myself borrowing off immediate family and friends which is not ideal as i'm transitioning from university to more permanent work within finance." Brightsparks Employee

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Hastee Pay is designed with the worker in mind:

There is no change to your process; the funds advanced by Hastee Pay are deducted from that pay period’s salary along with tax, NI and any other adjustments (such as holiday pay, bonus, uniform and accommodation costs, expenses etc.) as part of your normal payroll process. Companies can set rules and preferences based on their processes and terms of employment, such as paid/unpaid holiday, sick leave, thereby ensuring neither you nor Hastee Pay are left exposed. By limiting the amount to a maximum of 50% of gross pay earned (with the ability to limit further on request), we avoid the situation where the worker has been paid more than their net pay.
Hastee Pay allows workers to access up to 50% of their gross income as soon as they have earned it by completing a planned and validated shift or work day. During the on-boarding process, it is the employer that decides the percentage level of the gross salary that they want their workers to have access to.

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