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6 Tips to Attract and Recruit…

6 Tips to Attract and Recruit the Best Talent  

Find employees, especially the best young talents, it’s not so easy, and understanding how to attract them can be problematic for businesses. Just when you think you understand what makes them tick, everything changes. Today’s graduates are more likely to order a plate of smashed avocado on toast than a pint of snakebite and black, and who knows what they’ll be ordering tomorrow.  

One thing that is for certain is that graduates want to work. Following years of studious determination and living on tight budgets, earning money and climbing the career ladder is everything they’ve been working towards. And opportunities await them in abundance. Graduate recruitment and employee search are expected to rise substantially. The UK’s top employers are increasing their graduate vacancies by 9.1% in 2019, the highest annual rise in graduate recruitment since 2010.  

For employers, this means recruitment is becoming increasingly competitive. Attracting employees and engage the best them will be vital to securing top talent for your businesses. Here are six tips that could help you do just that:  

  1. Get your social channels in order – this is likely to be the first port of call for a young person researching your business. Alongside selling your products or services to prospective customers or clients, your social channels should reflect company culture, shout about your benefits and provide a snapshot of day to day life in your company.
  2. Do highlight work-life balance. Those transitioning from university into working life will be reassured that their life won’t become endless days of all work and no play – they’ll be looking for a balance. Plus this is becoming more and more crucial to younger workers – millennials prioritise work-life balance over job security according to a 2018 YouGov survey. So, how can you find employees? Let’s move forward with the next tips.
  3. Offer flexibility– Employers can help workers achieve a better work-life balance by offering flexible working hours, locations, earnings on demand.
  4. Don’t drag your heels– the recruitment process can drag on but today’s recruitment space is a competitive market and young people expect instant gratification. While decision making shouldn’t be rushed, taking too long to make a decision could result in losing out on your preferred candidate, which means that you need to carry on with your employee search.
  5. Invest in your benefits package. Think beyond ping pong tables- graduates expect modern workplace perks that have a tangible impact on their lives. (Make a point that these do not need to cost the employer a fortune).
  6. Do make your company values clear: will surely help you to find employees. Shout about your CSR strategy and emphasise how your company’s work is impacting the world around them and talk about what the business does to care for its workers.

Conclude: Attracting employees through benefits and flexibility is the best way to stand out from the competition. 

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