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Hastee Pay at CIPD HR Show

On 13th June, our very own James Herbert, founder of Hastee Pay, delivered a speech celebrating disruptive technologies and questioning the outdated and archaic traditional ways people at this year’s CIPD HR Software and Recruitment Show.

The show which took place at Olympia London between 13 – 14 June, is a key event in the calendars of HR businesses and HR technology vendors alike. As a provider of disruptive technology that enables workers to access the pay they’ve earned immediately without affecting business cashflow, Hastee Pay represented innovation in HR alongside the likes of Capita, Experian, Glassdoor and Sage People.

James’ speech, titled “Revolutionising the Way People Are Paid”, explored why disruption is so vital in our ever-changing society, highlighting how the likes of Amazon, PayPal and Uber have revolutionised outmoded conventions, bringing them up to date with the standards and expectations we have come to live by in the 21st century.

In his presentation, he shared the Hastee Pay ethos that agile, forward thinking businesses must not shy away from disruptive technologies and should instead be proactively challenging traditional conventions and questioning whether they really work for the business or its workers.

James highlighted how financial wellbeing in the workforce impacts business agility, and how this in turn is being threatened by the mounting financial burdens currently experienced by younger generations who will begin to make up the majority of the workforce in the coming years.

The presentation included key insights into the current state of financial wellbeing in the workplace from Hastee Pay’s new research report ‘The Future of Workers’ Pay’, drawing from fresh data gathered from interviews with 1001 workers in part-time, full-time and temporary workers in the UK.

Providing valuable insights for HR professionals, the research questions how many are struggling with personal finances, if they have considered/used payday loans and what if anything are their employers doing to address this issue which is affecting their financial wellbeing and the success of the businesses where they work.

In his presentation which was well received, James also explored how flexible payment options can be instrumental in alleviating financial pressures and promoting financial wellbeing in the workforce, with reference to Hastee Pay’s achievements helping a leading event crew provider attract and retain and stronger workforce through flexible on-demand payments.

For further information on Hastee Pay’s research report, ‘The Future of Workers’ Pay’ please email hello@hasteepay.com

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