95% of millennials admit to impulse spending with nearly 1 in 5 (19%) admitting to impulse spending every single day |   83% of graduates will not fully clear their debt within three decades |   14 million millennials will never own their own homes |   Student debt is forecast to reach £160bn by 2022 and has reached a record high of £100bn |   33% of middle class families struggle with an unexpected £500 bill |   Outstanding consumer debt passed £200 billion in 2017 |   88% of people would take pay frequency into account when looking for a new job |   3 million people currently using high cost credit schemes |   Dipping into an overdraft by £100 for just 30 days can cost up to £180 in overdraft fees |   Bank overdrafts have been shown to be 8 times more costly than payday loans |

payday. any day.


Hastee Pay is an award-winning employee benefit that companies can offer to their workforce, which empowers employees to receive a portion of their earned pay immediately to increase their choice and financial wellbeing.


Companies profit from the improved productivity, engagement, recruitment & retention of their workforce, with zero cost or impact on company cash-flow.


There is no interest to pay, just a small, simple fee*.

*On-demand – 4.5% transaction fee, subject to a £1 minimum. Example: if you withdraw £50 your one-off cost would be £2.25. Subscription – £9.99 per month as an option for regular users, coming soon. Withdrawals and fees will be deducted from your pay on your normal payday.
Hastee Pay